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Procession of coach busses on 95N just now with a police escort.

2023.12.08 19:01 glennjersey Procession of coach busses on 95N just now with a police escort.

Heading out for the weekend and just saw this as I passed through EG or so. They even blocked off he on ramps too from what I could see. Had to be 2dozen coach style busses at least.
Any ideas what that's about?
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2023.12.08 18:42 EmperorSnake1 Can’t leave the guy alone for a second. This is English police men escorting Trump.

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2023.12.08 18:36 xCJ-6x Nebula Salvage Solutions is looking for you (maybe)

So i was wondering, are there any orgs that mainly focus on salvaging operations?
Turns out, no (or atleast not at the scale im envisioning)
I know that the new salvage mechanic is a real hit or mis for most people but i tend to quite enjoy it, thats why i decided to start Nebula Salvage Solutions :)
Imagine this, 6 vultures and a C2 or catapillar making quick work of an hammerhead. Or two reclaimers spitroasting a M2. We can even take out ERT's with a small group of escort fighters and loot em dry. Endless possibilities
If anyone is interested in joining be sure to click that link.
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2023.12.08 18:35 Embarrassed-Split-71 The serpentinite camo grind got alot easier which is great

Do an escort or 2 then at 25 minutes left in the match you can just spam an exfil for specials and finish off both weapons if you are struggling.
Just did it there got 16 manglers with 4 calls, so even if you dont want to do escorts just go straight to an exfil and start farming
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2023.12.08 18:20 owls_exist I was quick to put an end to what was becoming a deadbedroom when it should have been a honeymoon phase. Is what I was in a deadbedroom situation?

I met a guy on tinder and we hit it off. I can't quite say which of us has the HL or LL so bare with me, but he expressed his gripes about lack of sex/DB in previous relationships one of which was a marriage and empathized with him. Had sex on the first time we met.
I (29F) have not had any long term relationship at all because any past flings I've met always raised deadbedroom flags, the guys would start holding back or avoiding me when I suggested meeting for sex. I'm not averse to communicating but I do communicate and if I'm communicating my needs a certain amount and nothing changes? There's no coming back.
With this guy though, I was really into him and excited to finally have a sex life. He is much more stable in life than I am so he was quick to acquire an apartment, started talking about future plans with me included and I was just excited to have someone with the privacy of our own place to get intimate at any time we wanted.
Well, over the course of 4-5 months he was settling into his new apartment and needed a lot of time to build up his apartment, furnishing, house stuff. I started online school when we first met so I was trying to get my life together while he was busy with that. We went on sparse dates, met for food usually followed by getting intimate in the backseat of his car cause mine is too small. Oral, full on sex, anything and sometimes it was difficult to perform because well we have limited space and one of those months I was sick with the flu so I was basically out for the count.
I genuinely was just enjoying finally having a sex life despite the life struggles/logistics. I don't even care if I was climaxing or not, I JUST wanted a sex life, any sex life. I straight up told him I would take him behind a dumpster, I just want him.
After that 4-5 month period of life changes for him, I start suggesting him having me over to start on plans we had to ramp up the intimacy. Then, bam he started withholding from me almost immediately. It took like another 2-2.5 months of me texting for him to let me over and me telling him I was available for sex and he kept dodging me. Saying he was busy, out with friend, out of town. Ok, what is happening? I was starting to get disappointed that this was going to be another person that is straying from the original plan of upkeeping our sex life.
He starts acting weird, I flat out tell him how is he going without sex for this many months and I am practically throwing it at him. He said he's used to it because of his past marriage trauma, he prefers to relieve himself. Well ok, not what we discussed but I'm definitely jumping his bones when we get together.
Then one night, he texts me to meet up with him for food after some weird texting between us earlier that evening. We meet up for burgers, he seems incredibly uncomfortable like visibly red in the face. I'm starting to get concerned so I'm like dude you seem flustered. Instead of giving me his address to come over to the new place finally, he had me drive over to meet him for food, then escort me driving to the new place me in my car and him in his own car I was like WTF are we doing? He could have just told me where it is. But, oh well personal preference on his part perhaps. Problem is, it was the middle of the night 1-2AM, I was tired as fuck, we did have sex but it was lack luster, I still enjoyed it but he was basically having sex with me struggling to stay awake, I was dry, tired as shit from driving on freeway on a random night, stressed from school. It was awkward, I still enjoyed sex and sleeping with someone naked and having intimacy, never had done most of that.
So basically, we always texted, talked, kept in contact, everything. Easy. Discussed ideas, daily life, random stuff like normal friends.
That's about all the details I can provide from my POV so can someone tell me WTF happened how did what was supposed to be a sex filled honeymoon phase turn into a deflating sad balloon dead sex life?

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2023.12.08 18:18 Jamestkim Tired of games & stress from finding a new SR. Thinking about taking a break (again) from the bowl.

Since my last long-term SR ended in the summer, I took a few months break. Finally, I was back in the bowl a few months ago and had less than a dozen M&Gs; a few started PPM relationships and discovered considerable turn-offs in intimacy.
I'm not a parallel dater. Even with PPM arrangements, I only start a new one after ending the previous one.
I'm also careful when it comes to sexual health. I get tested between every partner and get tested again regularly when intimacy goes further.
I'm never late if I'm not there at least 10 minutes prior. I always confirm evey date in the moring. Text when I'm on the way and sometimes share the screenshot of my Carplay navigation. In rare cases, If I'm not going to be there at least 10 minutes earlier, I let the other person know at least 30 minutes earlier. I check Google Voice for messaging from SB at least three times a day, even if I'm not expecting any contact. so messages never go unanswered for more than a few hours. If I'm 'not feeling it' with a lady, I usually give one more try, then break off with some extra parting gift (usually a little extra $)
I quickly caught the small things, so if POT SB mentioned taking a bus, I sent an UbeLyft gift card. If they drive for more than 10 minutes, I usually send a gas card from a local gas station chain. At M&G, After exchanging pleasantry and confirming the intention, I gave cash in an envelope with some extra (regardless of how much she was expecting for M&G), like an additional Starbucks card or a crisp $2 bill on top of $100 bills. When POT SB asks too little for what she's worth, I offer a higher number and keep increasing it. I don't stalk my SBs, but if I know their social, I occasionally check their channel or subscribe to their social. If I see her dog/cat/horse needing care from their social, I give them extra support without asking and tell her it's for their animal. If I know my SB has kids, I also get them some toy/kids' stuff gift cards. I even gave maintenance gift cards for their car in the past when I saw their car needed service.
I'm 6 feet 1, 220lbs Asian. Lots of ladies call me Panda Bear, Koala, or Totoro. I always wear casual or business suits. I don't spend thousands of dollars from luxury clothing stores, but my clothes are not from Kohl's/Target/Man's Warehouse/GAP/Macy's either. I groom myself well. Sometimes, I take SB to a nail salon/spa for a couple of pedi/mani and couples massages, even bath houses or Korean Spas. I own a few cars, and although my daily driver is a cheap lease of asian mainstream brand EV, I own a few European sports cars, Young Timer (15 years old) wagon, and classics (30 years old). Heck, I even fly a Piper small plane as a hobby.
I'm trying to do it right for my people. However, it takes time to see what kind of person I am. so It's been a little challenging to get noticed and set up the meet. A mid-40s Asian guy in a small state stands out (which is not good for NSA) yet is not much preferred, especially when the part of the state is known for old, old money with Billions and squeezed between two major US cities.
My flaw is that, even after 9+ years in the Sugar Lifestyle, I still have a fantasy of how SR works. (Hey. We all have fantasies about people and things. after all, isn't that why we are in this sugar lifestyle?) If I see 'my type' and start to fall into her, I fall hard. Then, some cruel-minded people are trying to take advantage of my 'good guy' nature. Everybody lies. I lie. I get that. But I don't want to see some made-up excuse like 'I was in the yoga class a few minutes longer.' after the postponed date since she claimed to be sick for days.
More and more, I feel tired of all these games people are playing. I love the excitement of getting to know the new person at the beginning of the relationship. As time passes and we learn more about each other, I find our time comforting and a shelter from our hectic lives. I miss that from SR. That's why I'm chasing SR. But constant disappointments and lack of communication made me feel like this was not worth it.
I get that 'Sugar dating' for some, including myself, emphasizes the 'dating' part more than just sex. Even in my vanilla datings, I ended up becoming a provider a lot of times. If I just want sex, I can find a good escort or FWB. The reason why I'm in the Sugar lifestyle is that I don't want to play games and spend too much effort on getting to the point of satisfaction in a relationship, whether sex or being comfortable with each other. Sugar($) makes 'making decisions' easy. Sugar removes that lot of doubts and makes the expectation of the next date without feeling the pressure of constant progress and proving my loyalty. So, If I need to experience the same shit to find SR, why should I stay in this lifestyle? I'm not particularly enjoying some of the BDSM elements, but it seems like If I spend the same amount of $ and time/effort to find a DD/LG relationship as I do with SR, It would be much easier to find somebody right now.

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2023.12.08 18:16 ExiledGirlVS What's up with Hunter Biden's charges against him?

Hes been charged with tax evasion, spending spree on drugs and escorts, etc. Don't other politicians do the same? Why is he being charged so severely over this.
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2023.12.08 18:15 Beneficial-Taro7596 Hamas stealing UN food aid from Gazans

Hamas stealing UN food aid from Gazans
South of the Gaza Strip: Hamas operatives, with weapons and an escorting vehicle, secure an aid truck with sacks of flour. According to the residents of Gaza, the trucks are taken to the territories controlled by Hamas and the goods are not distributed to the residents themselves.
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2023.12.08 18:14 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Bk 5 Ch 32

Sir David was briefing them once again, but this time, the Colonel was in his field kit, with the same paint on his face as the rest of them. Not that that stopped him smiling like he was suggesting a Sunday stroll or a brisk nature hike through the woods instead of a dangerous reconnaissance mission.
"I will say ladies, I'm very pleased with how your training has been going. As you know we have been primarily focusing on your 'black' training. Which is to say direct action and clandestine operations. This is our primary role in many of the situations where we act for the Undaunted. However we are not a pure black unit. We are a hybrid unit. So we must be able to conduct green operations as well, that is to say, supporting conventional forces in the field. For example, my unit landed from a submarine to help a team of American Navy SEALs clear a beachhead of obstacles before an opposed amphibious assault back on Earth. Then the SEALs went back out to sea, and we snuck inland to perform reconnaissance work, commit various acts of sabotage and set beacons, or transmit coordinates for naval gunfire, cruise missile or air strikes."
Sir David chuckles, clearly remembering something pleasant from that mission. For as warm a sound as it was, something about it made Neysihen's blood run cold... and she could feel a shiver from Purisha, wedged up tight against her left shoulder too. Though knowing her dear friend, that could very well be another kind of shiver.
"I have volunteered you lot as JSOC's primary contribution to this training event. Your mission today will be to assist our brothers and sisters in arms in the regular Marine component as they face off with the Apuk. The best components of the two units have come through after intense internal competition, and will be facing off against each other since full scale training is a bit much even for a ship of the Tear's size. Shame. Honestly full battalion scale exercises would be quite a bit of fun if you ask me. Maybe the skipper will indulge us all next time we spend a decent amount of time in orbit around a planet."
That had Neysihen's attention. They were being put up against the best of the Apuk? Representing all of JSOC? She suppresses a gulp. No pressure there. Just the pride of the unit in a task they hadn't directly trained for... and if they screwed up she had no doubt Sergeant Major Gurung would have their hides nailed to his office wall. Then drop them in restorative comas so he could skin them again and make himself a nice rug.
"The plan for the day is we are going to take advantage of our numbers versus the Apuk. Much like the footage of my own encounter with Apuk commandos, it has been ruled that there's a certain value of normal troops versus Apuk, given the natural gifts of the latter. We've balanced things somewhat by bringing in a few navy specialists, including an EWAR specialist and a few adepts. They'll be staying with the regulars. We have our own axiom capabilities, natural and otherwise... but generally speaking we'll be doing things the Human way. The enemy are highly potent natural axiom users. Like many women in the galaxy this leaves them with an exploitable blind spot. Apuk warrior women in particular have a hard time comprehending individuals who don't actively channel axiom. It won't fool their more senior troops, but the younger girls might miss you in near plain sight if you're as purged of axiom as possible for one of your species to be. I think we've communicated that lesson to you sufficiently in some of our night assault courses."
Neyishen feels her pincers wince inward as she remembers the series of night assault courses they'd done. The first two had been absolute disasters. They'd only been facing human instructors, using absolutely no axiom, and kukris. Not even suppressed firearms! So low signature it beggared belief. They'd hit them from all sides and all angles. They'd changed their tactics the second night, and still gotten torn up. Only when they started fully covering for each other, and began relying more on their natural senses and experience to intuit where an ambusher might be hiding did they manage to actually make a proper showing of themselves.
"So. Here's what we're going to do..."
--- Later ---
Neysihen slowly moves through the brush, covered in a camouflage cloak. They'd normally have made 'fast' Ghillie suits or cloaks to better blend into the terrain, but one downside of the terrain being simulated is you couldn't exactly start snapping off twigs and branches to play dress up with. They'd been moving into position for nearly an hour now, before the Marine regulars had 'landed' on the other side of the massive simulator. They were slowly moving to a flanking position to begin providing support.
For the most part they were escorts for Gunnery Sergeant David Chesed, the Commando's lead Scout Sniper, and Purisha, who had been selected as Chesed's spotter for the day based on her performance on the precision marksmanship course. The goal wasn't to shoot anyone of course, but to report positions, spot ambushes and call in simulated fire and help shape the battlefield in favor of the Marines as they advanced.
It was an interesting role reversal actually, frequently the senior sniper would be the spotter in a team, as the role was considered more challenging, but the entire point of the course was to challenge them, and they'd been drilling their observational capabilities almost excessively as part of the commando course. Purisha had always been particularly sharp in that regard, more so than any of the senior huntresses even, nevermind Neysihen. She just had good instincts, and had apparently nearly ‘made’ Sir David and his team as they infiltrated the Talasar Spire. Something she’d been publicly praised for after she completed a couple observation and scouting exercises with perfect marks.
If any of the candidates could do it, Purisha could do it.
Inch by inch they slowly creep up a ridge and the sniper and his apprentice quickly emplace, with Chesed's massive Mk 22 PSR, also known as a Barrett MRAD. Its .338 Norma Magnum cartridge was terrifying to behold. Just reading its ballistics table alone was staggering now that Neysihen knew how to read it. It made normal full size rifle rounds look like a .22 rimfire. Fast, powerful, and a ridiculously flat trajectory out well past a thousand yards. Gunny Chesed described the round as a cheat code for snipers, and Neysihen was inclined to agree.
Purisha had been equipped with a high end precision rifle, a derivative of the skipper's own preferred MDRX bullpup rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. The suppressed, automatic weapon had been modified to have a built in bipod and would give her the ability to defend herself and Gunny Chesed, or engage closer in threats accurately and rapidly. At least before the rest of the squad joined in if the shit had really hit the fan.
The rest of the unit fan out a bit as the sniper team emplaces and slowly begins communicating to each other as Purisha peers through a spotter's scope. Neysihen can hear some of the other girls quietly calling out or lazing targets as Neysihen gets into position to pull security. She’s closest to Purisha and Gunny Chesed though, and she can hear them going through their routine as if they’d actually worked as a sniper team before.
"Target. Infantry, in the wadi just to the east of us. Call it… twenty. Looks like a squad of Apuk Imperial regulars."
"Got'em. On scope. Range?"
"Seven hundred meters."
Gunny Chesed writes a few quick notes on a waterproof notepad, then gently whispers a contact report into his radio, then nudges Purisha who begins scanning again.
"Target... infantry. Group of four, twenty degrees west, by that big tree."
"Got'em... looks like an officer, one of the princesses maybe? I think I recognize her. I'll drop her when the mortars come in on the regulars. Range?"
"Six hundred twenty meters. DOPE... should be 4 MILs from your zero."
"4 MILs, so… two clicks on the elevation… Dialed in. On scope."
"Spotter up."
The shriek of simulated mortar shells fills the air and nearly drowns out Purisha giving the word to fire.
"Send it."
The suppressed bark of the powerful rifle is nearly drowned out completely too.
"Center mass. Neutralized. Engage the second target. Same range, same dope."
"On scope."
"Spotter up... send it."
Neyishen can just barely hear the rifle this time as the mortar barrage starts to slacken and the sounds of small arms fire drifts in from across the battlefield.
"Neutralized. Center mass." Purisha reports. "Third target... shit she's moving. I think we're made!"
"Switch to your rifle and stand by to engage. Everyone hunker down."
Contrary to Purisha's slightly excited tone, Gunny Chesed is as cool as can be. Not worried at all about the no doubt terrifying Apuk warrior bounding towards them right this very minute.
Neysihen can certainly feel her own pulse race as she slips herself a little deeper into her position and resists checking the chamber on her rifle. It was condition one, she'd checked earlier. She knew what she was doing and what she was about. She'd elected for a MDRX as her issued weapon too, albeit she wasn't set up for extreme range like Purisha. She takes another slow, calming breath as she tightens her grip on her weapon, feeling the reassuring weight of the advanced bullpup rifle. She had this. If the Apuk dropped in, she'd join the crew and drop her, then they'd displace and get to cover.
"Contact right, coming in high!"
The sharp whisper of one of her classmates makes her heart freeze. That hadn't been Purisha. Had they been flanked?
The answer to that question drops in among them in a burst of Apuk warfire. Gunny Chesed reacts by firing a shot down range with his rifle, likely dropping the Apuk warrior that had been approaching them at high speed before rolling clear and going for his pistol. Purisha rolls out to the right and slides down the slope just a little, narrowly avoiding a burst of warfire. The first Apuk warrior goes down in a hail of simulated gun fire with the telltale sound of a training 'death' buzzing from her armor, but her blade sisters are already on top of them.
Neysihen knew it was the Apuk commandos too. It couldn't be anyone else. Apuk marines were even more straightforward than regular Marines could be at times. It made sense when you could catch anti-tank cannon rounds and then burn that tank to slag with your natural gifts alone. Never mind any weapons or armor you might have, but the lack of creativity was... predictable at least. Predictable could mean a reliable tactic that was hard to beat, but it also left you vulnerable. The Apuk commandos were the Empress's attempt to start covering over that vulnerability of the Apuk armed forces.
As the Apuk commandos flood through the woods on the ground, in the trees and above the branches, Neyishen can't help but think the Empress should be mighty pleased with her elite troops, even as she brings her rifle into line and fires a full auto burst that catches one of the Apuk warriors center of mass. She'd selected a simulated armor piercing round today considering the nature of the enemy, and is rewarded by a simulated death of one of her opponents even as Gunny Chesed is dropped by a ball of warefire. Purisha manages to shoot one Apuk and is taken out in melee by her blade sister, and slowly the squad of candidates is whittled down to the bare bones.
An unfamiliar Apuk woman, her crown glittering on her brow advances like a force of nature, even using her flames to melt bullets right out of the air! Even getting behind her didn't seem to help against the force of nature that was an Apuk battle princess, and she was heading right for Neysihen. Determined to at least do something, she empties her magazine into the woman, reloads, and hurls a flash bang at her feet and a frag grenade behind her.
"Flash out! Frag out!" She screams before hurling herself back behind her simulated tree.
It doesn't slow the monster of a woman down. Instead she kicks the tree hard enough to turn its trunk into simulated splinters, leaving the princess looming over the crouched Neyishen, ball of warfire raised high as Neyishen brings her rifle up...
Suddenly the lights of the training room turn red, and the simulation fades as the battle stations klaxon starts to shriek.
"General quarters, general quarters! All hands man your battle stations, flow of traffic is..."
Neysihen and the Princess both look up, and the Princess reaches down and offers Neysihen her hand, pulling the younger woman to her feet.
"Nicely fought. Good courage and determination at least. I'll have to see about coming to visit and teaching your class of candidates some ways to actually oppose an Apuk battle princess. For your first time however? Excellent work."
"Uh. Thank you ma'am."
"No, thank you. Now. Let us hurry. Clearly our talents will be needed elsewhere today. If we're lucky perhaps we'll fight side by side?"
"I'd like that ma'am."
Without another word, the battle princess bounds off, quickly followed by the rest of the Apuk warriors as they form up for instructions from the familiar figure of Princess Aquilar. Neysihen hurries over to help Purisha to her feet, then together they help Gunny Chesed up.
"Damn, those girls hit like a truck." The human NCO winces.
"You okay, Gunny?"
"I'm fine, girls. It’ll take more than an overgrown turtle who looks like a supermodel wearing a tiara and a ball gown to put me out of action."
He stops and pats his collar for a second and pulls a piece of paper out of it. He looks at it, and Neyishen sees part of a comm address before Gunny tucks it away in his pocket and starts picking up his gear.
Neyishen nods. "...Any idea what's going on, Gunny?"
Chesed shakes his head. "Not a clue... but I have a bad feeling we're about to find out."
First Last
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2023.12.08 18:01 Imaginary-Mission572 Clarksville escort; explicit pics/videos, meet ups!

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2023.12.08 17:55 ChinoFC14 THEY LIVE

So as you will see in the following images both Nobara and Gojo were born on the 7th but different months but we wanna talk about what start all this the Shibuya incident where Nobara died and Gojo was sealed. The one thing that has come to mind for most people is that the Shibuya incident and Nobara birthday are 85 days apart and Gojo birthday from the Shibuya incident is 37 days apart. So does this mean ?
The number 85 symbolizes means to start investing in to yourself which Nobara is doing right by investing into her self while in a coma and learning how to use RCT while trying to figure a way to use her cursed technique to help counter idle transfiguration to aid her wound.
Gojo meanwhile has truly been awakened. There are technically 9 steps to be truly awaken, for Gojo it went like this 1. Birth 2. Growth 3. Development 4. Killed by homeless bum 5. Begin to be enlightened and learn RCT 6. kill the bum 7. Train your powers even more 8. Get killed again 9. Awaken full potential and truly be enlightened as the strongest, the best and The Honored One
Then we will truly see Nobara and Gojo fully revived and help everyone take down Sukuna once and for all and reunite with our boy Itadori.
I will know be escorted to the aslume to arkahamknight
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2023.12.08 17:53 uncleawesome Walmart has some 10 packs. $33.

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2023.12.08 17:51 Madame_Upshur I platinum'd Psychonauts 1 and 2

I platinum'd Psychonauts 1 and 2
I got both games for christmas last year, and I immediately feel in love with the franchise. I knew I had to platinum them when I had the time to replay, and I finally did.
Everything in 1 was a great time, except for Meat circus. When I played for the first time it took me hours to get through both the escort and the obstacle part - this time around only the escort part took like an hour (and then I had to do it again because my game crashed), but the obstacle course I somehow finished after only dying once.
2 was a great time as well. The only collectable that was really difficult (and kind of frustrating) was one figment on top of a moving stamp in 'Cruller's Correspondence'. (On a more or less related note; Tomb of the Sharkophagus ruined Ford for me. He could have just told Raz what happened, but he chose to basically traumatise him instead.)
Out of the platinums I have done, these ones where the most fun. If you love Psychonauts (and don't have the platinum yet), give it a try!
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2023.12.08 17:51 Impossible_Ear_5880 This is why I am slowing on collecting...6000% markup

This is why I am slowing on collecting...6000% markup
I know it's bidding...but this is because these things are not common in Europe. I guess we just don't get the stock turnover you chaps across the pond do.
€7.50 Domestic shipping is criminal too.
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2023.12.08 17:39 OnlyTechStuff How do I use Fat Boy on escort correctly?

Hi there! Platinum Engineer here. I’ve stayed clear of Fat Boy for a long time, seeing it as only meme value, but I got sick of seeing other engineers nuke the team with it and decided “I can do better!”
I could not. I brought it into an escort mission, Haz 5, with lures, friendly, elemental resistance, and repellant additive, and proceeded to down 3/4 of my entire team on accident…twice. So my question is….is there any way to use this thing correctly? It was a godsend in the tunnels, but other than that, I feel like the SD or BC or even just RJ250 would be better.
But green boom make dworf brain go brrr. :(
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2023.12.08 17:37 -Kohana- Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship using LOADER 4 with OS Chips

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2023.12.08 17:36 Crofucije First time doing T1 in Punisher ... I survived though! Subsequent runs were fine. What's the trick with these guys though?

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2023.12.08 17:24 Alarmed_Opposite_161 Serious post

Yaha pr koi hookup k liye toh milta h nhi bas aise he subreddit bana rkha h...
Ab ye btao legit escort service kaise milegi delhi mei ?
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2023.12.08 17:18 jawknee530i Our new kitten is very tired but she still takes her bathroom escort duties seriously.

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2023.12.08 17:15 xVarmkorv2 Kicked out even after a perfect answer

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2023.12.08 17:14 relationshiptossoutt My experiences in trying the apps to find a casual relationship

You may remember me from my last post, expressing I was so desperate for affection I was considering an escort to scratch that itch. (https://www.reddit.com/datingoverforty/s/PJOjXDbq7G). Many in the comments insisted average men could find a casual sex partner, but I simply did not believe it and argued against it. Still, in the weeks that followed, the advice sunk in a little and I thought maybe I owed it to myself to give it an honest effort. I will try to keep it brief, but I thought average men and women alike may want some no-holds-barred talk about what it’s like on the apps.
So for this experiment, I only used Tinder. I paid to go “incognito”, which ensured my profile wasn’t seen to anyone who I didn’t swipe first. I did this so I could selectively only swipe on profiles that listed “figuring it out”, “short-term”, or “open to short-term”, and therefore never matched with someone who listed “long-term relationship”.
I did this for about 3 weeks. I wish I had kept better track, but I think I probably swiped on 50-75 profiles that I found attractive and that listed the aforementioned relationship goals.
In those 3 weeks, I got 8 matches.
Out of those 8, 2 never returned my messages.
Out of those 6, 3 of the conversations just sort of ran out of steam and puttered out.
The 3 that remain were very good, engaging, and fun conversations. As the conversation moved to “what are you looking for?”, I stated my goals as clearly as I could. I didn’t want anything very serious, but was looking for someone to see casually and maybe even infrequently as time and convenience allowed.
To my enormous surprise, all 3 women were more than receptive to that. 2 of the women were full-time single moms with very busy lives, just fill in those rare moments of downtime. The other had a fascinating career that took her out of the area half the year at spontaneous times, so she knew a traditional relationship wasn’t possible.
One of the women has pursued me quite aggressively, even sending many unprompted nudes (my first that I have ever received). I’ve rejected her advances a couple times now, and honestly am just a little intimidated and overwhelmed by it.
The other 2 have clearly stated their interest as well.
It may sound odd despite my last post that was so desperately horny, but I’m trying to be rational and thoughtful through this, so I am postponing anything physical until I spend some more time with them and see which chemistry feels the best.
So I suppose that has been my journey so far. For the record, this experience has been 100% different than my other attempts at the apps. I am not sure what changed exactly. I only changed a couple words in my profile, only swapped out one photo. I think I have to put the change on my more direct, “fuck it, what do I have to lose” approach to the question of “what are you looking for?” I didn’t really do anything else differently at all. I still was really respectful in our conversations and didn’t bring up sex early. In fact with all 3, they brought up sex before I did.
I think another factor is that I had been off the apps for many months before this experiment, so there was a big “backlog” of profiles to sort through. Now that I have done my initial swiping, my experiences are more like the ones I described before. I see 1-2 new profiles every day, and maybe find 1 per week someone I would swipe on. At that rate, I can’t imagine being overly successful.
Anyway, that’s been my experiences so far. Ask me anything or share your own. I really am curious how this experience compares to others here. Men or women, hot, ugly, or average.
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2023.12.08 17:07 bogbopper Is it worth it?

I have an older red display escort 8500 x50 detector. Getting a service required message. Would it be worth it to return it to escort for service or just better to toss it an find another unit. I do have a radenso xp on my main vehicle so it's not urgent. Not sure what escort would charge to service and upgrade the broken one.
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